Eat Up!

This Easter, I hope we all realize that sacrifices are food bribes. These have been propitiatory​ in nature, to appease. The Jews only evolved the idea a bit more, and some time just before the common era, sacrifices were also expiatory, purifying.

As you have your wafer and wine this weekend in the evolutionary Christian version of food bribing, realize that for once in history, the absurdity of sacrifice was pronounced; it is you and only you accepting a food bribe — figuratively from God — to satisfy your wrath, and making God acceptable to you once more.

Instead of realizing we’ve always been the only ones needing sacrifice rather than God, we’ll keep thinking God is the object of Jesus’ death; satisfying His bloodthirsty wrath. I’m sure Jesus’ death has nothing to do with God’s mind changing about us. One of these ideas is consistent with love and I’m pretty sure only the mob was bloodthirsty and only to the mob Jesus, as sacrifice, was given.

Just a thought​.

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