Dear Evangelical:

If you believe there’s nothing we can do to earn salvation, then why do you believe we must *accept* Jesus as Lord and savior or *believe* that he’s the son of God or that he rose from the dead or is part of a Trinity, and so on?

You’re saying that “because I x, I am saved”.

I don’t think I need to tell rational folks how this misguided theology is a contradiction.

I tell you this: you are ignorant of the conflict between Paul and James, Peter, and John because they never had a conversation about faith and works like you’re proposing! They were arguing only whether a Christian had to become a Jew in order to be a Christian. Paul argued that the fruit of the law never saved anyone and only made people more damnable; he himself keeping it perfectly, easily in fact. Paul taught that simply placing trust in what Christ had done for us was what made one a Christian. Their very heated exchanges on that point had nothing to do with getting into heaven!

You arrogant peon! Do you actually think that you, a gnat, can separate yourself from God? You can offend God? You can anger God? Idiot!

I too, like Paul, am convinced that nothing can separate us from the love of God; only unlike you, I mean it. All you can do is to decide how much “Godness” you’re going to reflect, and in so doing, experience. There’s no difference that makes a different between “Godness” and “Goodness”. A person’s belief in God has nothing to do with intellectual life; as if “Here are my God-ideas and they save me” counts for anything! The particular ways some community defines itself is also irrelevant; be that the tradition of the Jew or the beliefs of the Evangelical!

Instead, do what you already know to do, which is good; because it is there in everyone’s hearts and everyone’s minds to do and participating in it changes everything for you and everyone else.

Just a thought.

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