Who’s Zooming Who?

Evangelicals, and really, Protestants of every stripe talk about the authority of scripture. They balk at the idea that the Pope is the authority of all things catholic, including scripture.

In the twist of convolution, scripture isn’t authoritative. It’s simply a book. All books are interpreted. So what the Protestant implies is that there’s only one interpretation. A quick survey of more than 30,000 Protestant denominations defeats the claim unless its only rescue is to pull a true Scotsman. Too, when saying an interpretation is authoritative, it is the interpreter one is acknowledging is the authority.

In so doing, the Protestant essentially denies the Pope cannot do what every single Protestant oddly can; authoritatively, infallibly glean the meaning of scripture. Indeed, the Protestant removes any sense of authority related to scripture in the unthoughtful statement “the Bible is authoritative”. It makes popes of everyone. What’s worse is that most every single “pope” I’ve ever talked to has never taken the time to study scripture, and when I’m lucky, I meet one who’s actually read the whole book!

Just a thought.

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One thought on “Who’s Zooming Who?

  1. GP says:

    Sad but true.

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