“Adulting” Theology?

“If you want at him, you gotta go through me” — God

Or at least that’s a fair paraphrase of what some claim about God.

On closer inspection, if that statement is true, God is either incompetent, or God isn’t just an asshole, He’s sadistic.

I think of all of the children in the world first; those born physically addicted, those facing the witching hour when their drunk and abusive father will come home, those starving, those with chronic pain, those stolen or even sold into slavery of all sorts, those facing death and pains unimaginable every day.

This kind of thoughtless platitude shows utter contempt to humanity through ignorance and a very short-sighted desire to say “it’s all helping you in the end, don’t you know, and for God’s glory.”

There is no coherent Theology that involves the idea of an interventionist God that is loving and that allows suffering. None. That’s because ends do not justify means, and even if they could, someone please tell me the worth of being more like Christ or loved by God because I was gang-raped as a 90 year old in a convalescent home by angry staffers who wanted to teach the importance of controlling incontinence​. Praise be to Jesus, of course!

It’s very easy to fall down and go boom and think that it made you a better person and so, it was worth going through. But you have to fucking grow up at some point and realize that God does not intervene to cause or prevent a single thing. You are the only manifestation of God in this world and only you stand in the way of injustice and suffering. And most importantly, you and only you are responsible for your own personal growth as a human being.

At some point, folks, Theology is going to have to grow up or it will fade away. This is what should happen if it remains childish. It will still appeal however, as long as there are children to whom this sort of rhetoric makes sense. Thinking about all the implications of somebody’s god-talk is the only cure. And here, getting out into the real world to see exactly how absent God can be in it is the only way enough empathy can be generated in order for adults to be birthed from the realization.

Just a thought.

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