On Society And Ideology

When it dawns on people that morality isn’t libertarian, that it is completely set in the context of community rather than the individual, the more fortunate in society will stop scapegoating the poor for the problems the poor face, and at the very least, know that the most definitive role of government is exactly the redistribution of wealth and not to the more fortunate but to the least.

You cannot be a responsible moral agent while thinking you deserve something others don’t because you, individually, have earned your circumstances anymore than the poor have earned theirs. Society has allowed your success, your abilities are inherited, and work and effort alone almost never accounts for ones circumstances. Bust your ass, get fired or layed off, and ask yourself after a month without an income whether or not it was something about you and your ability to work and desire to work that has you now homeless.

Healthcare and why we would dare think it is optional or that only those who can afford it deserve it is immoral. We cannot imagine seeing a person drop, having a heart attack, and a person offering to give them CPR if only they would give them $5.00. No, any otherwise decent human being wouldn’t blame the death of the heart attack victim on the victim for being caught​ alive without $5.00 but on the would be savior whose primacy is money not morality, society. That savior is no savior but a literal parasite on society.

Capitalism in the United States is no longer a balance of symbiotic relationships but has, as many theorists predicted millennia ago, begun to consume itself. And since its context is society, capitalism consuming itself simply entails to consuming persons because there are no more other resources left for it to consume. We have tied morality not to society but to narratives on why capitalism isn’t failing by largely scapegoating that it obviously is.

Society is made of people. Ideas on how to manage people are simply ideas and cannot be stagnate. The current discourse of the conservative is objectively immoral and are attempts to harmonize dissonance that something truly is wrong with society. The current liberal disconnect with society in addressing real persons with something other than rhetoric is just as immoral.

But once again, when it clicks that morality is only found in society, in community, then we will all see that moral discourse begins with language that includes everyone and not simply one group or other, much less what’s simply “good for me”.

Just a thought.

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