As If!

Belief is a commitment to act. So when you say you do or don’t believe Jesus was divine, was or wasn’t born of a virgin, was or wasn’t crucified, did or didn’t raise from the dead, it begs the question of how answering either way changes your behavior. “I believe in God” isn’t like “There’s a snake behind me”; “God” doesn’t even have inherent meaning. To say “I believe” has no other meaning but “I will act as if”.

This calls into question exactly what each and all credal statements actually are. In themselves, they cannot be acted on, and as a result, creeds are only community ties. They are not propositions with any intelligible truth-value, lest we be able to all say that “belief in God” guarantees the same response. That is just as no one, universally no one, jumps off of a cliff when they “believe in gravity” and those that do jump are doing so too for the same reason, they know what would happen; gravity is not a communal incantation.

Just a thought.

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