May I Have A Word With You?

In understanding the usage of Memra, Logos, Word in the context of the time and setting these terms were used, we have a hermeneutic about how to read scripture, according to scripture. First, we know the book is not the “Word”. We know that we’re talking about representation and expression of intent. As we find in scripture, God is goodness. God’s (Memra, Logos, Word) intent toward us and creation is goodness. This from scriptures like those in the neighborhoods of Psalms 107:30 and Proverbs 4:20.

So, not only are we charged then with reading all scripture such that interpretation must present God as good, but we have a more relevant Christology. That is, scripture isn’t taken as a divine dictation but as expressing God’s intent. Torah was referred to as God’s Word. Jesus was referred to as God’s Word. And so what we naturally think about is what God is expressing through Torah and through Jesus, rather than what is said about each as the object God is speaking about.

So from this, when considering scripture or Christ, we understand the entire point of it all is to find the goodness of God through both in order that we become the next natural sacrament of God’s goodness in the world; we as God’s expressed intent for creation in the world. In other words, goodness expressed through us as well.

Just a thought.

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