Giving Up The Ghost

If we can’t determine if there’s a God, then what we say about God doesn’t hinge on the nature of God or His existence. If Doxastic Involutarism is true, then the enterprises of belief in the doxastic sense are meaningless; we cannot choose to believe in God, Jesus having x, y, or z properties, virgins giving birth, and so on. If belief entails to action or commitment to act, then salvation is aside from Christianity, and Jesus as “kind elderly person on medication” is just as meaningful as Jesus as “third person of a limited set polytheism” or Jesus as archetype as Adam, Moses, Abraham, Joseph, or Hosea.

In other words, salvation is found in participating or engaging the world one way versus another, and nothing about Christianity itself guarantees any meaning other modes of Philosophy or experience cannot or do not provide. Therefore, Christianity entails to no propositions which at all have the ability to change our behavior; only narratives, which like others, help us rethink things. That is, because there’s nothing to say we believe when we say we believe there is a God, Jesus is his son, or Mary was a virgin; those beliefs are not beliefs at all because they cannot at all be acted on.

More Atheists are created these days merely because of Protestant preachers of one sort or other (ministers, pastors, theologians, etc.) than anything else. That is from their continued assurances that one can be certain of these fantastic ideas they’ve espoused, yet the resulting Atheism or the flailing fight to yet believe even still, ensures that’s entirely not the case. When faith is restored back to the task of orthopraxy rather than orthodoxy, then we’ll have finally given up the right ghosts.

Just a thought.

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