I keep running into this with believers, so let me rinse and repeat:

“God” is a word with no meaning.

When we say “God is love” or that God is found say, in numinous experience, we are only saying that what we mean by the word “God” is that the meanings there are for “love” import to “God”. In other words, the two are interchangeable. In the case of experience, we are simply naming a certain type of experience. These signifiers give “God” meaning, “God” does not give them meaning. The naming of experiences, “God”, doesn’t rely on any deity actually existing; this is a naming game alone. Here too, the meaning of an experience is imported to give meaning to the word, “God”, rather than the other way round.

The idea of God may be no more than the reification of all of these meanings and may have no more reality than this.

It makes no sense to say God is this or that because He isn’t any this or that. If there is a God, then He is beyond all such terms and ideas we have for Him.

Dear Protestant, your god-talk has to do with you, not God, and none of it applies to God, necessitates His existence, nor is God what gives it meaning. See all of the above if by now you still ask why.

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