The Intent

We know Paul declared that the law itself is not the point of why there’s law. It is putting the law into practice that reveals what the point is. The law is the “word” in the Old Testament. The law leads to revelation. The law leads to God’s intent for humanity.

We have missed John’s gospel for the most part. John says Jesus is also God’s word. John isn’t painting Jesus as a gatekeeper but as a way of being in the world; the way to be in the world. Jesus himself is not the revelation, just as the law was not the revelation of God’s intent. Jesus is not a set of propositions that has to be believed. Through Jesus, we are given a revelation about humanity, and divinity. Like the law, Jesus is not himself salvation. It is in the practice of pursuing the life of Jesus that life itself is found, and that is salvation.

We find no difficulty at all finding this theology standing out from within the Old Testament and the Gospels and letters of the apostles.

Just a thought.

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