Verbal Abuse

Perhaps the biggest disservice we do ourselves in understanding Jesus is in not identifying cultural language as not being doxic.

Imagine if words like “king”, “lord”, “sovereign”, and so on, had nothing important to do with what we ought to believe about Jesus. If these are merely the concepts the author could best capture his thoughts by at the time, we ought to expect that if that same author lived one, two, or three thousand years, his description would be constantly updating in order to adequately convey what mattered.

We have mistaken these words and their timestamped baggage as what matters rather than in going back in time, getting the point from that vantage, and then translating it into its rightful meaningfulness.

I no more believe God is or would want to be pedistalized, glorified, be worshipped, or be sovereign and judging any more than I can digest folks that do that also say Jesus Christ is God incarnate; the servant, the lowly, the one who suffers, the one who hangs on a tree rather than rules on a throne.

Just a thought.

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