The Anatomy Of God

Someone reminded me of a quote which entails exactly why I had considered myself an atheist for decades. It’s the logical fact that if another reality exists that has no relation to this reality (i.e. transcends it in every way), then arguing about it or asserting things about it is silly and the whole point, moot.

“A universe which exists as a separate realm of existence, which can have no effect on the objects in our universe, and which itself can never be observed, surely does not exist — by definition” Paul Davies, “Mind of God,” 1992.

To end such a debate, it’s better to take those same premises and merely note that there is no meaning in such “other worldly” existences. It would imply by analogy that folks can find meaning in believing Huck Finn really had red hair instead of black or that the present King of France is really named Francois instead of Pierre. “God” is just the sort of predicament where folks contend exactly that, demand it often on pain of death in fact, literally or implied in coercive threats, namely Hell.

However, it seems to me now that I have had an impression of volition in reality all along. It remains a belief merely by the fact that I have that disposition. Beliefs about such a thing as “God” are otherwise inconsequential as “God” is not God, and “God” is the set of ideas only aimed in symbols at God, the ineffable. These have no inherent value or worth. That is, unless something substantial can be said or found in these symbols.

While now merely owning aloud my theistic dispositions, I remain an atheist to any expression that purports to stand for God rather than “God”, the symbolism.

There are good ideas and bad ideas about God, but any that entail to one of willful love should not be one of the good if it is on pain of death we must believe Huck Finn indeed is a ginger. Obviously, “God” may demand such a thing, but “God” entails to that belief where God does not.

I have merely found more substantial ways to think about this impression that “God” should stand for and mean in any kind of relevant way.

Just a thought.

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2 thoughts on “The Anatomy Of God

  1. Steven Hoyt says:

    not sure i get your comment.

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