God, The Object

If there is one idea that would ever change your entire view of theologies you hold dear, I can’t imagine it being more profound than that God is not an object.

God is not the thing(s) you are not, and, God is not the thing(s) you are. He is not “here” nor is He “there”. Every conception of God in Christianity save a previous few, are entirely based on an unconscious anthropomorphic reaction. The reaction is to conceiving of some mystery that is similar — God “exists” — but “other”. The result is that all our language and theology objectify something which cannot be objectified.

To be brief in my words and to suggest something about God and His relation to us, this artist gives a perfect analogy. What she paints is a young girl. That image is not the young girl, nor any of the colors or shapes or spaces in-between. There is something the artist has experienced. As she paints, what she makes of it becomes a revelation to both her and others watching her work through the process.

God is whatever God is. God is to us a reflection of experience. God is truly the art of humanity, but if and only as we flesh out that image while continually being in participation with the “event of God”; where our humanity comes into contact with reality and seeks the good in it.

At the end of our lives, whatever gods have been found in us spill across the canvas of our own lives. God cannot redeem it then and leaving a work of art behind entails to being aware each moment is a stroke that can either be brilliant, or a mar.

God isn’t the art. God is not an object. God is how we’ve expressed a mystery in our lives. God is a revelation of ourselves.

Have a watch … https://youtu.be/qWmF-bJj5Xs

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