Extraordinarily Ordinary

As extraordinary, God is completely ineffable and as natural, completely ordinary. So when we speak about God, we are doing nothing more than suggesting God is ordinary in extraordinary ways, which is completely mistaken.

We must admit that nothing we think about God is about God; this is a truism.

We them must carefully examine the precise sort of game god-talk is.

The only recourse and rescue of God for the believer is to reject any idea that fails to clearly state that God can only be found in the ordinary human experience. This, for the fact that the nature of man is the nature of God. Finally, that experience leads to revelation and revelation to understanding, which leads to the teleological answers to the question, “Why anything at all”, which is the only reason the question of God is valid in the first place.

For instance, to say man is by nature totally depraved is to say that from man’s perspective, there’s absolutely no difference between God, good, the Satan, and evil; for what would it mean if God himself told us he was good or evil lest we knew exactly what either entailed to. But to say that God transcends yet is perfectly experienced in the goodness of the world and our participation in it, leads us onto a path always ordinary but one into the extraordinary. This would be a fingerprint of something meaningful not only about our lives but what it meant to create at all, and why.

Just a thought.

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